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...and so I broke my 99 hours no eating record...

For 143 hours (almost 6 days), I survived only on plain water, pink himalayan salt and of course my "magic" powder, pure therapeutic ketones.

OK I'm lying, there's no such thing as magic and it sure wasn't easy going through the 6 days but ketones truly kept me alive. Ketones is a superior source of energy compared to carbohydrates and it doesn't spike your insulin levels hence nothing gets stored as fat. Ketones also help to preserve skeletal muscle mass so I don't lose my "figure".

I've always had issues with my body composition and I often find myself stuck in a yoyo situation; one moment slim then another moment fat. It's difficult to remain consistent due to my busy lifestyle. With ketones I finally found a way to enjoy what I like to eat and maintain my physique.

I continue to share my stories and experiences because I know someone out there needs to hear about them. Maybe when you read this you may think that this is crap or bullshit but there may be someone out there you know who needs help, someone who has been struggling to keep the weight off or someone who has tried everything but is still stuck in the same situation. Ketones can help change their lives for the better.

This is not a miracle drug or potion and you won't see results overnight. Sustainability is what you want to maintain a lifestyle that you can enjoy for a long time to come. Reach out to me for a free consultation and I'll be glad to share more with you.

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