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Don't blame FAT for what CARBS did!!!

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Many people use carbs as their main source of energy; rice, noodles, bread, pasta, prata, cereal, oatmeal, sugary drinks, beer, fruits, etc are just some examples of carbs. Once consumed, carbs will eventually be broken down in the body into glucose. So how are carbs digested?

There are a few components to this: -

1. Digestion of carbs begins by chewing = digestive enzymes start breaking them down. After swallowing it goes to the stomach. 2. After that, the acid in the stomach stops the enzymes from the saliva, kills bacteria and breaks them down. 3. Next it goes into the small intestine, and the pancreas releases enzymes into the small intestines to further break down the carbs into sugars. Those sugars (or glucose) ultimately get into the blood. Hence, there is an increase in blood glucose.

The body is constantly regulating everything, one of them is blood glucose. If blood glucose gets too high, the glucose may get stuck on blood cells and tissues, build thickness on areas where you might get diffusion of nutrients into tissues and into cells, and essentially that can cause cell death. This is one of the reasons for neuropathy and other diseases.

We can deny it all we want but the fact is that we are all consuming too much carbs for our own good. Therefore, it is extremely important that we reduce our carb intake in order to give ourselves the best chance of prevention against diseases.

So you may be wondering, but if I don’t eat carbs, then where do I get my energy from?

Watch this video to learn more!

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Nelson Pn1, KMS

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