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Here are some of the questions that I get very often. Feel free to email me if I miss out anything!

Q: Why would I take KETO//OS MAX?

A: Supplementing with exogenous ketones allows you to experience ketosis - the benefits of elevated blood ketone levels, without having to follow such a restrictive ketogenic diet, or super low carb diet, which is often difficult for some people to adhere to.

Q: What are the flavours available for KETO//OS MAX?

A: KETO OS//MAX comes in 2 flavours; Raspberry Lemonade and Swiss Cocoa.

Q: What do you mean by CHARGED?

A: CHARGED in this sense would be that the product contains caffeine.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: USD$138 for 1 box of 20 servings excluding shipping. Shipping fee depends on the number of boxes you get. For 1 box the shipping fee is USD$12.

Q: How do I consume KETO//OS MAX? How long do I have to consume it?

A: KETO//OS MAX is in powdered form. All you have to do is pour it in water, shake to mix and drink. You can take it for as long as you want really! The recommended dosage is 1 serving for and 2 servings for optimal performance.

Q: What kind of diet should I follow when I'm taking KETO//OS MAX?

A: The wonderful thing about taking exogenous ketones via KETO//OS MAX is that you can experience the benefits of ketones without diet modification. Even those who don’t change a thing, will still experience the benefits. However, it is encouraged that you slowly begin to follow a lower carbohydrate diet, and enhance your body’s ability to utilise. Follow the 8 steps in the N8tive OS-Zone to get you on the right track.

Q: What is the difference between TODAY ONLY, SMARTSHIP ONLY, TODAY and SMARTSHIP?

A: There are 3 buying options. All prices are excluding shipping. 


This means your order will be processed shipped immediately.


This means your order will only be processed 1 month later from your order date.

For e.g., If you order on 1 March 2018, the order will only be processed a month later (1 April 2018) and you will only be billed a month later as well. There's a 22% discount and your order will be automatically shipped to you every month. You can change the product, order date and cancel at anytime.


A combination of both plans.

My recommendation is to take TODAY AND SMARTSHIP so that you get your product ASAP and if you feel that you don't want it anymore you can always cancel your SMARTSHIP later.

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