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Keto Mastery Specialist at your service!!!

For those who don't already know, I'm now a certified Keto Mastery Specialist, KMS (hence the change in my logo and FB cover photo). I decided to get certified because I'm 💯 serious about helping you get to a better state of health.

After studying from the top doctors and thought leaders in the keto community, I realised that I have the power to change the lives of others and many people need to know about how ketones can help not only you, but the people who you love and care about, improve their health. I've learnt so much about the science behind ketones and I'm super excited to share what I've learnt with all of you!

So if you have any questions at all about how ketones can help you or your loved ones, do drop me a message and I'd love to have a chat with you about how I can help you achieve your goals; be it body composition, insulin resistance, energy, sleep, brain health, anti-aging, neurological applications, etc; I want to help you understand how ketones can be beneficial in your pursuit of a better life.

Do register for my FREE webinar to get a basic understanding about the benefits of ketones and ketosis. You can register via the link below: -

I hope to hear from you soon!

Nelson Tan, Pn1 KMS Certified Nutrition Coach (Pn1) Certified Keto Mastery Specialist (KMS)

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