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What is KETO//OS???

A friend of mine introduced me to KETO//OS a while back and I must say it has helped me out tremendously! It got me in ketosis really fast and I was able to burn fat easily. 

What is KETO//OS?

First and foremost it’s NOT a meal replacement drink! It’s basically exogenous ketones. Exogenous ketones allow you to drink or take ketones orally so u elevate your blood ketone levels as if you were in nutritional ketosis but without having the strict guidelines of being in a keto diet. Combined with a ketogenic way of eating, it’s it’s the best way to burn fat and keep the fat off!

The only way for the body to burn fat is for the liver to produce ketones. In order for that to happen, the body has to go into a state of ketosis. There are only a few ways to get into ketosis and the fastest way is to drink KETO//OS!!


Take a look at the photos that I’ve taken on myself to monitor my progress:

This was me on day 1 of taking KETO//OS


And this was me on day 14 of taking KETO//OS


Look at the difference! And it was just 2 weeks. I wore the same pair of pants for both days and I can feel that my pants got a little less tight. Pictures certainly paint a thousand words. I never went to the gym, never did any HIIT and strenuous exercises and I never ran or did any forms of cardio!!!! Imagine how much more fat I could have burned if I did exercise? Hmmmm…

Of course, I had to make some minor adjustments to my eating habits in order to achieve this. Like I said there is no diet in the world where you can drink beer all day, eat ice cream and still stay slim. Well, there are people in the world who can do that but you get the point.


So how do you consume KETO//OS?

KETO//OS comes in packets and all you have to to do is mix it in about 500ml of water, shake it to dissolve it and just drink it! I prefer it with cold water but room temperature water is fine as well. It comes in 2 flavours; Raspberry Lemonade and Cocoa. Each flavour comes with a caffeine (CHARGED) and a caffeine free option. I personally prefer the CHARGED one as I prefer the feeling I get with caffeine.

So what I’ve done for the first 14 days is to consume a packet of KETO//OS in the morning when I wake up and I go ahead and have my lunch (BTW I wake up early it’s just that I don’t take breakfast. I’ll explain that in another blog post). I usually consume the 2nd packet after I have my dinner, though you can also take it in the late afternoon early evening. It’s really up to you! For a start, I would recommend taking half a pack instead of one as it might have a laxative effect on some people. I know some people who do feel like that but I wasn’t one of them. Nonetheless, take half a pack first to see how your body reacts first before getting on with the whole pack.

What we want to achieve here is to get into a state of ketosis as soon as possible. So that’s why we are lowering our carb intake and increasing your fat intake to prime your body to move from burning carbs to burning fat. Adding on KETO//OS will help you get there much faster. In fact, I would strongly recommend keeping your carb intake really low during this initial stage of priming, no more than 50g of carbs a day is best. The lower the better! Once you reach a state of ketosis you can reduce it to 1 pack of KETO//OS a day.

Not ready to commit? CLICK HERE to order your 5 day experience pack!

I will get back to you ASAP!!

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