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A friend of mine recently introduced me to the concept of being in ketosis. At first, I was like what the hell is that? defines Ketosis as: -

“a metabolic state characterized by raised levels of ketone bodies in the body tissues, which is typically pathological in conditions such as diabetes, or may be the consequence of a diet that is very low in carbohydrates.“

In summary, the body is using fat as it’s main fuel source as compared to using carbohydrates. Our bodies turn to carbs first as an energy source. Only after depleting all of the carbs in the body will it then source fat for energy.


Picture this scenario, you wake up in the morning, you wash up then you have breakfast, someone bought for you 2 prata kosong with curry and sugar. You eat all of that and then you go to work. At break time, you so feel a little hungry so have coffee with sugar and a doughnut. Then it’s lunchtime and you decide to go to the gym before having lunch. Guess where your body will get all the energy from when you workout. Yup, all the sugar that you’ve consumed for breakfast and break! Then during lunch, you order a huge plate of chicken rice with extra rice because you’ve worked out really hard in the gym earlier on. And the cycle repeats itself.

As long as there are carbs in your body, it will never be able to burn fat because you will never be able to reach a state of ketosis for it to burn fat. You have to allow your body to deplete all of its carbs before you are able to tap into your fat stores and start burning fat.


Think of it this way; You want to go into your storeroom to get something that packed all the way inside the room. But the room is totally packed right up to the door. What do you do? You slowly clear the room, taking out everything that is in the way and you throw. Then you get tired and you stop halfway and you go shopping to get new stuff. Stuff that you’ll probably never need but you buy them because they were on sale. All these new stuff get thrown back into the storeroom, blocking the path and the things you want to get at the back of the room.

The stuff at the back of the room is where all your fats are stored, way-way back. All the other stuff in front are carbs; rice, bread, noodles, pasta, drinks, fruit, etc.

The only way for you to get to the stuff behind is to keep the front area clear of all these so-called daily “staples”, glucose, simple sugar. Only then will your body be able to reach a state of ketosis and burn fat. It’s as simple as that. So now we know that in order to burn fat we need to be able to access it first.

But how do we do that?

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