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More than just fat loss

There are many good reasons why everyone should have ketones in theirs bodies. To me, one of the most important reasons is brain health. I do admit that I started on my keto journey because I wanted to slim down and look good, but I realised that it was more than just about looking good. You have to first feel good to look good. Many people focus on the outside and neglect what's inside. Studies have shown that brain cells operate up to 70% more efficiently when they run on ketones instead of using glucose as fuel. The liver converts fatty acids into ketones known as Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB). Your brain makes up of 60% fat and brain cells prefer ketones over glucose. Other benefits include memory enhancement, treatment for ADHD, migraines and headaches. The one that really caught my attention was the fact that ketones can be used as a part of a treatment for brain cancer.

Studies have also shown that ketones is an alternative therapy for brain cancer. Here is why; while the brain is able to use either ketones or glucose as fuel, cancer can't run on ketones, it only thrives in the presence of glucose. The use of ketones for the brain acts inhibits the growth of cancer by starving it of what it needs to grow. This doesn't just work on the brain but for all parts of the body where cancer cells can grow. So the lesser glucose you have in your body the lesser the chance for cancer cells to thrive! I'm no doctor or medical professional but if the use of ketones is able to prevent or slow down cancer growth, then I'm in. It can be difficult for us to totally cut out carbs from our diet and that's why ketone supplements help provide us with ketones, without having to change our regular diet. All you have to do is take one or two servings a day to get ketones into you blood stream and experience tha amazing benefits they have to offer. Register for my FREE webinar to find out more!

Take care of your brain health and you will feel and look better. #youhaveachoice #choosebetter #ketosis #ketones #ketoos #gamechanger #keytoketo #drinkyourketones #betterenergy #betterfuelsource #bettermood #bettersleep #betterfocus #pruvit #pruvitsg #keto #ketolife #better

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