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Myth 2

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

“Bro you’re always so fit and slim, I’ve never seen you fat before!” . How untrue the sentence above is.

I have had my fats days. I wasn’t super fat but fat enough to feel sluggish, lazy, unproductive and I get tired really easy. I had a bulging tummy, thunder thighs and my face feels like a balloon. I was eating way too much food that my body requires and I had to keep buying new clothes not because I wanted to expand my wardrobe but because I couldn’t fit into the clothes that I already own. . All that changed after I discovered ketone supplements.

Now I find it so much easier to enjoy the foods that I love while maintaining my physique. My energy levels increased tremendously and my longest days are a breeze because I no longer feel as tired as before, especially after a heavy lunch. I also remain super focus at work and I get loads of shit done by being more productive. After a hard day’s work, I enjoy a restful sleep and I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the challenges ahead.

It’s great to know that I can still lead an amazing life without having to spend time thinking about what I can or can’t eat, when do I have time to go to the gym and sacrifice time spent with my loved ones because I was just too tired to do so. All that has changed and I'm never looking back. I feel better now, soooo much better. Remember, you have a choice. I choose to be better. You can too.

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