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No eating for 99 hours straight

So I recently did the Keto Reboot which happens on a monthly basis. It was supposed to be a 60hrs fast but I decided to push my body to hit 99hrs. Crazy thought at first yes but I'm really glad I did it.

Q: What I liked about the 99hrs reboot?

A: I wasn't a slave to food as I didn't have to think of what to eat and the mental clarity was amazing.

Q: What a didn't like about the 99hrs reboot?

A: I've never had that much salt in my life! I was constantly having to mix pink salt in my water to balance my electrolytes.

Q: What is my biggest takeaway from the 99hrs reboot?

A: You can only accomplish something if you truly believe you can do it. The mind is so much stronger than the body but only if you allow it to be. #mindoverbody

Q: Will I do the 99hrs reboot again?

A: 🤔

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