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See liao please don't laugh 😂😂😂

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

So a good friend of mine sent me the photo on the left to remind me of our times we spend during our Singapore Idol days. That was a great moment in life as I got to experience the ups and downs of being in the spotlight. As I begin to examine the pictures she sent, I was like "Why is my face so fat???”

On the left was me 17 years ago when I thought that I was young and dangerous. Yes, I was “dangerously" drinking all kinds of alcohol, smoking one big pack (20 sticks) of cigarettes daily, eating whatever the hell I could get my hands on, sleeping 3 hours a day and I hardly exercised at all. I felt like a slave to cigarettes, alcohol and junk food.

Fast forward to 2018, after all these years of damaging my body and trying all sorts of ways to get myself to a healthier state, I’ve finally found something that is sustainable and easy to adhere to. No crazy diets or exercise regimes, just 2 servings daily. The picture on the right is me in October 2019 (please pardon my serious face, I was walking on fire! 🤣) . I feel happier, mentally stronger and physically leaner than I was in my twenties and most importantly, I feel healthier because I have gained my life back.

As a nutrition coach, I hope to inspire more people to take control of their lives by getting into a better state of health. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as eating less and exercising more. People always say that health is wealth. As cliche as it sounds, it’s true. No amount of money can save you if you don’t take care of you body when you still can.

It’s not just about the way you look but also the way you feel. Many people believe that what they have in front of them right now is all that they can have. Some even believe that that’s all they deserve.

Your beliefs determine how you think and how you feel.

How you think and how you feel then determines your actions.

And your actions determine your reality.

What is your reality?

Nelson Pn1. KMS

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